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Smyrna Injury Center Reviews

Smyrna Injury Center Reviews

We LOVE our patients and it's nice to know they love us too! Here is a sampling of what you will find...

I've been going to Dr. Enix for many years. He has always been able to help relieve the pain in my back, hips, knees, etc. My brother has RA and was up visiting a while back when it really flared up. I took him to see Dr. Enix and over a few visits he was really able to help him. - Anonymous

Dr Enix and his staff gives me the best care I could ever imagine for my health needs. I will be a lifetime patient of Dr Enix since I have been in his care my life has improved 100% over all. - Carol Ford

Without Dr. Enix's care, I would not have been able to complete my yard tasks. I needed to lay down on the ground in order to remove the blades from my riding lawnmower. I had difficulty even getting down to the ground and once the blade was removed, using both of her hands, my wife had to pull me to a sitting position before she had to help me get up. The next day I went to Dr. Enix for an adjustment. That afternoon I completed my tasks on the lawn mower and was able to get up all by myself. Without Dr. Enix's treatments, I would be in much worst shape.- E.S.

My first and only experience with a chiropractor and will go no where else! Dr. Enix and Ginny are the best! - Jennifer Hood

Dr. Enix and his staff are fantastic! They can always get you in quickly, and wait times are very short. Dr. Enix uses many different methods of adjustment, tailored to the individual. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of medicine and the body. Best Chiropractor i've ever seen! - Chris Klinkmeuller

Regardless of what I do in mis-using my body, somehow this team seems to be able to help me regain wellness! Having the chiropractic care combined with massage therapy is an unbeatable duo! - Donna Salhany

Dr. Enix alwasy gives great adjustments. The office is peaceful and the massage chairs are to die for. Jenny is always friendly as usual and a joy to talk to. Thanks! - Michelle Bodie