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Payment Options

Payment Options

At Smyrna Injury Center we will verify your health insurance benefits, let you know what your co-pay, co-insurance & deductible are. If you choose to use your benefits we will file it for you. You will probably receive your explanation of benefits from your insurance company before we do...but what do those things say anyways?! We can also help you figure that out to see what your portion is (if any) after they pay their contractual obligation.

Insurance is confusing! What if I don't want to use it?

You don't have to. Once we know what your suggested treatment plan is we can work with you on a pre-pay plan or a time of service discount that fits your budget.

I had a car accident! Who pays for that!

We can definitely help here! Smyrna Injury Center has many years experience in working with some of Georgia's best personal injury attorneys so they know how to advise you on how is best to proceed with your specific case.