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Chiropractic Decompression

Written By Smyrna Injury Center on June 15, 2017

If you’ve been living with chronic pain, it might be because you’ve long since given up on ever experiencing relief. Like a lot of people, you may have found certain workarounds or even avoid some activities because they only seem to make the pain worse.

Fortunately, there’s a good chance that the answer is something as simple as a method called chiropractic decompression, which we’re about to explain in detail.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Although spinal decompression is a form of chiropractic care that focuses on the spine, its can easily benefit other areas of the body.

That’s because of the vital role the spine plays in your anatomy. Between its structural design and its connection to the central nervous system, an injury to the spine could manifest itself in any number of ways. 

One especially common injury is a herniated disc. Your spine has discs between each vertebrate that help the entire structure move. If the disc becomes herniated because of a compressed spine, it will start encroaching on the nerves, which can be quite painful.

Pinched nerves and bulging discs are similar injuries that can cause the same effect. 

Chiropractic decompression seeks to take the pressure off that disc (hence, “decompression”) and give it the environment required to completely heal.

How Does Chiropractic Decompression Work?

Before you experience your first chiropractic decompression, it might help to hear that this is a noninvasive procedure with almost zero risk involved. 

You’ve probably heard that visits to the chiropractor usually involve some “cracks” and “pops.” This may not be the case if you’re visiting because of a compressed disc. Instead, the doctor may simply work on your spine to help it stretch and release, thereby creating the aforementioned environment required for proper healing.

Other times, this might not be the case. Every injury is unique. While your chiropractor will still use decompression, they might also do some adjustments to get your spine back in alignment. Although this will involve the famous sounds you’ve heard of, rest assured they are completely normal and don’t herald any kind of pain. 

As we mentioned earlier, chiropractic decompression could be the key to treating all kinds of different aches and pains you’ve simply learned to live with. Don’t accept this kind of discomfort; call Smyrna Injury Center today at 770-955-3502 and take back your life. 

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